Emacs Lisp reCAPTCHA library

This library allows interaction with Google’s reCAPTCHA service


The main entry points are:

It was written primarily to be used with Elnode, a non-blocking webserver written in Emacs Lisp:

;; The following code can be used to quickly test the code, it is
;; based on elnode (and thus requires it of course). After evaluating
;; it http://localhost:8009/recaptcha and http://localhost:8009/mailhide/
;; are listening, each testing a particular functionality.
;; (defun root-handler (httpcon)
;;   (elnode-hostpath-dispatcher httpcon
                                 '(("^.*//recaptcha/\\(.*\\)" . recaptcha-handler)
;; 				("^.*//mailhide/\\(.*\\)" . mailhide-handler))))
;; (elnode-start 'root-handler :port 8009)

For the code, go to the GitHub repository.

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