I’m joining the Kubernetes 1.25 Release Team!


I’m very happy to share that I’ll be a part of the Kubernetes 1.25 Release Team!

I’ve began my career in FLOSS2 and due to FLOSS, and I’ve always been quite vocal about it. Today, the entire industry is standing at the proverbial shoulders of the opensource giant, and Kubernetes is one of the most obvious examples of that.

I keep finding in the community that same mix of ingenuity, mutual assistance, respect and genuine interest in helping others do great things which have always kept me involved. To do that in such a fundamental and pervasive technology like Kubernetes seemed to be a logical step, and I was fortunate to have the support of the Kubernetes leads to take it - specifically Kat Cosgrove who welcomed me to the Comms team for the release, where I’ll be a shadow.



Actually, I started with Free Software and I remain in Free Software: circles within circles, but the usage of the more generic terms that focus on the shared values do not erase the difference in how they are perceived in the different communities.

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