Excipit Kubernetes v1.28, Incipit Kubernetes v1.29


The theme for Kubernetes v1.28 is Planternetes.

Each Kubernetes release is the culmination of the hard work of thousands of individuals from our community. The people behind this release come from a wide range of backgrounds, some of us industry veterans, parents, others students and newcomers to open-source. We combine our unique experience to create a collective artifact with global impact.

Much like a garden, our release has ever-changing growth, challenges and opportunities. This theme celebrates the meticulous care, intention and efforts to get the release to where we are today. Harmoniously together, we grow better.

Kubernetes v1.28: Planternetes

I’ve been a part of the Kubernetes Release Team since v1.25, and it was great to see v1.28 released: this time, I was a part of the Release Notes team, and I’ve learned quite a bit with Sanchita Mishra. Release Notes is very interesting in the way it works, and building the final Changelog through the incremental process of accepted enhancements is part science, part art.

It was therefore particularly great to have been appointed as Release Notes lead for the upcoming v1.29 release; this is always part merit, part chance, because the reality is that there are many other talented volunteers that could just as well be named.

Kubernetes is an interesting project, in many ways, but one of them being the way it’s currently a blend of pure community work and very clear commercial interests – not that there is an opposition between them, as the old discussion about “free as in freedom” goes. The governance model evolved to address this tension, at least that’s what I’m seeing as I get more involved (and it’s easy to get involved, truth be told).

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